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A small town tucked away in the middle of the mountains in Western Wyoming. We arrived here after being on the road for nearly 9 hours … and only making one quick stop for a bathroom break along the way! Phew, that deserves a trophy. Anyway, upon arrival we were really excited to get some real food in us. We had made a stop at a Whole Foods in Colorado before heading out and what kept us going for 9 hours was lots of hummus and crackers, nuts and seeds, bars and almond butter jelly sandwiches (I’ll post more about how to survive a road trip on a vegan diet later on) ; but we needed warm food, fast! Luckily, we found Lotus Cafe – and what a blessing this little magical place was.

A small town deep in between the mountains – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In a land where there is an abundance of buffalo, elk, and bison roaming around – it is no surprise that Jackson Hole is big on it’s meats! On most menus you will find a plethora of options from bison burgers, elk steaks, and buffalo meat. Heck, Wyoming is even known as cattle country and it’s famous beef jerky. I really didn’t think we were going to find any healthy vegan cafe’s around town… but we did!

Lotus Cafe – not only offering vegan alternatives, but also serving ORGANIC ingredients and gluten-free options for those with a sensitivity! That’s a double plus. Do you know how excited and happy this made us? So happy we ate here several times during our short 2-night stay ha!

Organic Vegan Food tucked away in the middle of the mountains
Lotus Cafe is perfect for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (trust me, we ate here for all three occasions and were not disappointed). With a multitude of options to choose from – and everything if not most things can be made vegan upon request! A few of our favorites were the tofu scramble for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner – loaded potato fries, loaded nachos, and veggie lasagna, and vegan pizza. Did I mentioned they serve vegan pizza? Need a quick picker-upper? No problem. Lotus cafe has fresh extracted juices and organic super smoothies (made dairy free) – I had the strawberry blonde which was A+ and my better half had the “lawn mower”… I’ll let you guess what that had in it. You can add smoothie boosters for $1. This gave us the energy to make our way through Grand Tetons all the way to Yellowstone and back to Jackson in one day! Phew – that was an adventure.


Our second favorite stop in Jackson had to be Jackson Whole Grocer. Not completely vegan of course, but it is a very well stocked healthy fresh foods store. Think Whole Foods, only it’s not, it’s Jackson Whole Grocers. Here we found everything from fresh squeezed juices, fresh fruits, smoothies made to order, and many other vegan and organic products. We stopped here before heading out to Utah and it was perfect to restock for another long day on the road!

A little snapshot of Lotus Cafe Menu – GF and Vegan options!

Healthy Being Juicery is another vegan option located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Serving 100% organic cold pressed juices, raw cuisine, and nut milks handcrafted daily – this is probably another place worth checking out, however we did not stop here during this trip to Jackson, Wyoming but it is an option available to you!

As you can tell the options in Jackson are limited with only two or three cafes being fully vegan but it is very do-able to survive on a vegan diet if you’re here for a few days. You can also make it much easier on yourself by assuring that your hotel room has a full kitchen and cook your own meals with a quick visit to Jackson Whole Grocers. Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a wonderful town full of great friendly people everywhere we went – and luckily for us veganheads, it is possible to eat yummy vegan foods even tucked far a way in between mountains away from civilization as we know it.




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