We arrived at Utah one sunny afternoon after a 5+ drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. How ever much tired and sleep-deprived we were, we knew we only had one night to spend in this beautiful city and we had a mission to complete: find a vegan, possibly organic, restaurant in SLC. After a quick search, we decided to try Zest Kitchen and Bar.. and it was a WINNER!

Upon arriving – A huge banner sign greeted us outdoors with the words “Eat Organic. Drink Organic” – I immediately knew we were in the right place. I love seeing this idea of a healthier world by choosing the right foods to eat – I love that even all the way in the Midwest this theme is resounding and it is becoming much more popular each day. People are waking up and making healthier decisions, for themselves, their children, their future. I will be honest – two years ago you could have asked me what “Organic” meant and I would have told you I had never heard of such a thing. How quickly is our environment changing for the better?

The interior of this restaurant is very modern and has a hip vibe to it. Definitely makes for a fun night out on the weekends. We came on a week day, therefore there was no wait time and very little crowd. The music played throughout at a fair volume allowing for conversations with the people next to you. I do feel that on weekends it might get loud, which is great, if you are looking for a fun lively outing on the weekend. The customer service was great – no complaints there.

Now on to what matters – the food! With options ranging from vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free – Zest is the perfect place for the whole family, or a large group of friends with diverse eating habits, or if you’re like us two hungry vegans that had been on the road for far too long – Zest meets all demands!

All food is made with fresh ingredients and are locally sourced. I love the idea behind locally sourced because you know your purchase is benefiting the people and the community in which you are currently in. Now, the food is not the only thing that is awesome about this place. We can’t leave the drinks behind. With a variety of fresh cold pressed juices and “hydrators” ranging from “Berry Lavender Lemonade” (← so refreshingly tasty!), coconut water, Chia Fizz and others.

Zest is also a full serving bar – which they pride themselves in having organic wines and beers, and unique hand crafted specialties such as the “Beet Sangria”. Please note it is a 21+ establishment which could deter families with young children from going.

After appetizers, entrees, desserts, and re-energizing drinks – we were ready to check out Salt Lake City for the last few hours we would have in this gorgeous city before heading out to Lake Tahoe. A new article coming soon on what to do / what to see in Salt Lake City when you only have one evening in town!

If you know of other vegan / organic restaurants in SLC or Utah in general please post below. The more information we can share with the masses the better. 🙂



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